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AXLE Hub is a robust, cloud-based platform providing the user with all the functionality for creating dispatches, dispatching trucks, operator order entry, operator dashboard, real-time ticket viewing/editing, real-time run ticket dashboard, inventory management, automated invoicing, full support for mile matrices/rate sheets, and much more.  AXLE Hub supports multiple commodities including but not limited to Crude oil, NGL/LPG's, Water, Sand, Asphalt, etc. 

Track purchases and sales automatically by operator, lease, ticket, etc.  Automatically create invoices for purchases, sales, transports by first purchaser, operator, transporter and much more.

AXLE Hub Modules

AXLE Hub modules are configured for dispatch optimization and to assist with order entry. Modules include:

Driver Assignment
Let AXLE Hub automatically assign your drivers to dispatches using the Chorus proprietary algorithms.

Transporter Assignment
If you are using third-party transporters, AXLE Hub can automatically pick the optimum transporter for your open dispatches.

Scheduled Orders
Enter orders to create recurring dispatches daily, weekly, monthly or annually automatically in AXLE Hub

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