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Chorus Logistics Transportation Solutions

Chorus Logistics’ suite of transportation management products is comprised of a cloud-based product called AXLE Hub and a mobile app called TollTagger.  Our products are fully integrated and work together passing data in real-time providing immediate access to the customer.  This single vendor, one solution offering is unique to the transportation industry and is proven to reduce cost in the improvement of process efficiencies as well as real, calculated, tangible dollars.

Transportation Management Product Overview:

  • 3rd Party Transporter Hub: Cloud-based solution supporting multiple transporters on a single, multi-tenet platform
  • Midstream Energy Transporter: Dispatch your company-owned trucks or 3rd parties from a single, cloud-based platform
  • Single, Stand-Alone Transporter: Receive dispatches from multiple customers (pumpers) using a single, cloud-based platform
  • Operator / End-User: Real-time data displayed via a cloud-based dashboard

Click on the links below to learn more about our individual transportation products: AXLE Hub and TollTaggerInterested in scheduling a demonstration? Contact Chorus Logistics today.

Chorus Logistics AxleHub Dispatching Platform


AXLE Hub is a robust, cloud-based platform providing the user with all the functionality for creating dispatches, dispatching trucks, operator order entry, operator dashboard, real-time ticket viewing/editing, real-time run ticket dashboard, inventory management, automated invoicing, full support for mile matrices/rate sheets, and much more. Learn more...

Chorus Logistics Tolltagger Mobile Application


TollTagger is our mobile application that runs on Android cellular devices. TollTagger enforces a workflow for drivers with assigned tickets and intuitively steps the driver through the workflow process. Learn more...