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Considerations for Oil and Gas Mobility

The volatility in oil and gas prices can make estimates of operational costs difficult for companies. Especially with large drops in price, companies must figure out ways to do more with less in order to maximize the return on every asset and employee.

In the oil field, lost time is almost certainly lost money. Extra minutes or hours to service contractors mean less on the bottom line. A mobile strategy, such as one offered by Chorus Logistics goes a long way in reducing cost by increasing efficiency.

How mobility applications can increase the efficiency of operations in the oil and gas industry:

Exploration and production operations. Replacement of paper forms with mobile apps or cloud-based products can reduce time and waste in duplication of data entry, allow auto-completion of location and other data required on a specific form, and monitor location and operations in real time. Entering data directly into a mobile device provides built-in quality control by eliminating transcription errors and delays by keeping personnel at the site, not off the rig floor completing paperwork.

Daily operation requires the movement of water, oil, spare parts, sand, and ancillary equipment.  Location sensitive capabilities of mobile devices allow personnel as well as equipment to be tracked automatically, and many billing functions can be automated based on mobile data entry.

Midstream operations. Many of the same benefits derived from the enhanced efficiency of mobile applications apply to midstream companies. Checklists, safety inspection logs, field ticketing, and logistics all are applicable to pipeline monitoring and maintenance as well as for drilling rigs. Again, the use of these technologies saves both time and money.

Downstream operations. Mobile applications also benefit process engineers on the downstream side of operations by putting key data in their hands in real time, allowing for optimization of processes and increasing overall efficiency while reducing the risk of accidents.

Corporate level. In addition to the benefits of mobile systems in the field or refinery, the benefits also extend to the management level of a company. Key executives are better able to keep up with daily operations – even from afar – and make the best decisions when and where they are required.

The Chorus Logistics difference. Our mission at Chorus Logistics is to provide an industry-leading bulk commodity transportation system (CTS) that can adapt to corporate, supplier, customer, and regulator needs with the lowest in-house staff effort at an industry-leading value. Our key features are: flexible system implementation; automated invoicing and driver payroll; dispatch and transporter optimization; and tangible cost savings.

Contact us today for more information on our suite of integrated products or to schedule a demo. Let us show you how the Chorus Logistics difference can directly impact efficiency, reduce overall costs, and improve the bottom line.



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