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What is TollTagger?

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TollTagger is our mobile app that enforces a workflow for drivers with assigned tickets. It intuitively walks the driver through the workflow process. The app provides real time communication of data, vehicle, and driver.

TollTagger is fully functional even when cell service is non-existent. The ability to collect, store, and communicate data using this app has been a game-changer for our customers. Real time connectivity to the Chorus dispatch management application, AxleHUB, has proven to reduce costs by making the operating process more efficient and paperless. “Time saved is money earned.”

What are the Main Features of TollTagger?

The TollTagger app provides e-ticketing, lease assessment, tank strapping, geofencing, and meter proving/calibration.

TollTagger has a fully functioning lease assessment that allows drivers to geofence any location and tank by updating coordinates automatically. The driver automatically knows the location of the property and the tank, and its corresponding level. 

Tickets can be electronically printed on a mobile printer at any time during their delivery on a number of supported printers including Brother and Zebra.

Using TollTagger, drivers can create a manual dispatch, or what we like to call “self-dispatching,” and change both load and unload locations as needed on assigned tickets. These events automatically activate rates and create invoice items to be billed immediately. 

Are There Other Important Features of TollTagger?

As Chorus has a fully operational payroll application, TollTagger allows operators/drivers to view and print all their payroll events. Drivers can see what they are making on each load and also track and print all fuel tickets during their operations.

TollTagger provides multi-commodity e-ticketing which includes NGLs, crude, water, refined fuels, chemicals, aggregates, heavy hauls, and lubes. To better serve our customers, we offer multiple unit and currency support options, as well a bilingual option which provides the solution in Spanish.

Final Thoughts

In today’s world, companies must be able to connect digitally using remote applications. You need software and information systems in place that enable you to maximize your business and compete in this volatile market. Our products our proven to provide a positive impact to our client’s cash flow! 

Contact us today to learn more about Chorus Logistics, TollTagger, and our cloud-based transportation management system.