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Chorus Logistics Understands Retail

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Chorus Logistics supports companies that not only transport commodities, but that also markettrade, or consume them. We offer deal capture, advanced pricing, and workflow to manage transactions all the way to the end user.
Our users can capture the entire chain of costs that results in a true real-time position. The Chorus Logistics’ system provides a profit and loss for the entire supply chain. 
While we have always captured the transport costs, we now also track purchase and sales-related costs for real-time analysis and invoicing. To support retail deal and transport transactions, our transportation management foundation provides real-time actual volumes as well as counterparty credit analysis. 
Our first retail customer, Fuelco, is a retail clean fuel and lubes distributor. All their purchase and retail sales are captured in our cloud-based platform, AXLE Hub. 

AXLE Hub provides Fuelco and all our users with a range of capabilities including: 

  • Dispatch management 

  • Assignment Optimization 

  • Operator order entry

  • Operator dashboard

  • Real-time ticket viewing and editing

  • Real-time run ticket dashboard

  • Inventory management

  • Automated invoicing

  • Full support for mile matrices and rate sheets

AXLE Hub supports multiple commodities including crude oil, NGL and LPG’s, water, sand, asphalt, and more.
Our AXLE Hub module assists with order entry and is configured for dispatch optimization. Features include:

  • Driver Assignment

AXLE Hub can automatically assign your drivers to dispatches using our proprietary algorithms.

  • Transporter Assignment

If you use third-party transporters, AXLE Hub can automatically pick the optimum transporter for your open dispatches.

  • Scheduled Orders

AXLE Hub can automatically enter orders to create recurring dispatches daily, weekly, monthly, or annually.
Like Fuelco, you can know exactly where every ounce of your commodity is located in real-time. You can also invoice daily and stay informed on a customer’s available credit. 
Fuelco’s drivers use TollTagger to print customers’ invoices at delivery and instantly obtain real-time analytics and data. TollTagger is our mobile application that enforces a workflow for drivers with assigned tickets and instinctively steps the driver through the workflow process. TollTagger also has a fully functioning Lease Assessment including tank strapping, meter proving, GEO fencing, and more.

Additional TollTagger features include:

  • Real-time data receive and send

  • Multi-commodity e-ticketing for crude, NGL’s water, refined fuels, chemicals, aggregate, heavy haul, and lubes

  • Driver self-dispatching

  • Upload and attach documents

  • Operator order creation

  • Bluetooth printing of custom field tickets

  • Full offline capabilities including printing


Contact us today if you’d like more information about Chorus Logistics, our transportation management solutions, or to schedule a demonstration. We believe our commodity transportation management system provides the lowest total cost of ownership with the highest return on investment.