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Who We Are and What We Offer

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Who We Are

At Chorus Logistics, we provide a cloud-based bulk commodity transportation system (CTS) that adapts to supplier, customer, and regulator needs with the highest return on investment and the lowest cost of ownership.
Our mission is simple: We want to be the best value provider in the industry.
At Chorus Logistics, our goal is to create a holistic solution that provides the best value in the industry by merging corporate, supplier, customer, and regulator needs.
Our headquarters are in Houston, Texas, the heart of the energy industry. However, our customers are spread across the country. We’re an affiliate of Chorus Solutions, the software development firm that was formed in 1993. 
The Chorus Logistics executive management team has an in-depth knowledge and background in the energy industry, as well as in technology and software development. We have solid partnerships with energy companies and energy software providers.

What We Offer

Our approach is proven to reduce costs by improving process efficiencies that in turn saves you money. Speed and accuracy in billing, means you get paid faster, driving a positive impact to cash flow!
Our products provide a unique and valuable solution for the commodities transportation business that simply cannot be matched by other competitors. We offer flexible pricing that allows you to run state of the art software at a cost that works for you. 
The Chorus Product Suite contains the following products that are designed to work together seamlessly:

  • AXLE Hub is our cloud-based dispatching application that allows you to view and edit data in real-time. Other functions it provides include dispatch creation, truck dispatch, operator order entry, operator dashboard, inventory management, automated invoicing, full support for mile matrices/rate sheets, and much more. AXLE Hub is fully integrated with TollTagger, our mobile application.
  • TollTagger is our mobile app that provides e-ticketing, lease assessment, tank strapping, meter proving, and much more for mobile users. It enforces a workflow for drivers with assigned tickets and intuitively walks the driver through the workflow process.

At Chorus Logistics, our goal is not to be the low-cost provider, we want to be the best value provider in the industry. 
Contact Chorus Logistics today at 281-787-0268 for more information or to schedule a software demonstration.