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Chorus Logistics Understands Lube Transportation

Lubrication technology has significantly improved throughout the years, but the roots of lubrication extend back further than you might think. Here are some important lubrication milestones:
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Chorus Logistics Understands Agricultural Transportation

“Agriculture is our greatest industry, transportation our second greatest. These two industries are dependent upon one another, and the national well-being is dependent on both.” This statement by Henry C. Wallace, a former United States Secretary of Agriculture, shows the impact of an efficient and reliable transport system on the agricultural market. An efficient transport system is vital in every industry, and agriculture is no exception. Farming idustry must have specific resources to p...
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Chorus Logistics Understands Water Transportation

There is no doubt that water transportation plays a vital role in the oil and gas industry. For exploration and production companies, hauling water is an essential part of drilling operations. It is also a complicated and time-consuming process. Oilfield water haulers use tanker trucks equipped with vacuums to deliver freshwater (pond and city) and brine water to drilling and hydraulic fracturing locations. They also transport large amounts of waste fluids away from drill sites to regulated a...
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Chorus Logistics Understands Aggregate Transportation

The fundamental building block of all construction is high-quality aggregate material. Regardless of size, large quantities of raw materials are needed to build everything from roads and houses to skyscrapers. Aggregate is the number-one nonfuel mineral commodity in the world in terms of both value and volume. At Chorus Logistics, we understand the different types of aggregates. We also understand how they’re transported and what’s required to transport them safely and economically.
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Chorus Logistics Provides Reliable and Proven Results

Even without a pandemic, commodity markets are volatile and unstable. You need a way to collaborate with your suppliers’ ecosystem in real-time if you want to keep up with rapidly evolving markets. Collaboration becomes even more challenging when you add a pandemic that disrupts travel, communications, and operations. Economic and market shocks, like COVID-19, require fast action. Companies from consumer products and food manufacturers to mining operations and oil producers had to quickly eval...
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Chorus Logistics’ IT Footprint

Given the current climate and the volatility in the oil and gas industry, it’s difficult for companies to make estimates of operational costs. To maximize the return on every employee and asset, especially with significant drops in price, companies must determine ways to do more with less.
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What is TollTagger?

TollTagger is our mobile app that enforces a workflow for drivers with assigned tickets. It intuitively walks the driver through the workflow process. The app provides real time communication of data, vehicle, and driver. TollTagger is fully functional even when cell service is non-existent. The ability to collect, store, and communicate data using this app has been a game-changer for our customers. Real time connectivity to the Chorus dispatch management application, AxleHUB, has proven to re...
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FAQ: What is Chorus Logistics’ AXLE Hub?

Chorus Logistics provides a state-of-the-art cloud-based bulk commodity transportation system with both web and mobile apps. Our proprietary dispatch and ticketing transportation solutions are based on client demand, focused on commodities, and can be completely configured to meet your needs. Our goal is and has always been, to be an industry leader in bulk commodity transportation systems (CTS). We believe our unique products have allowed us to accomplish this goal by allowing our customers t...
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Chorus Logistics Understands Retail

Chorus Logistics supports companies that not only transport commodities, but that also market, trade, or consume them. We offer deal capture, advanced pricing, and workflow to manage transactions all the way to the end user. Our users can capture the entire chain of costs that results in a true real-time position. The Chorus Logistics’ system provides a profit and loss for the entire supply chain. While we have always captured the transport costs, we now also track purchase and sales-relate...
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Chorus Logistics Understands Propane

The U.S. is among the highest producer and exporter of propane gas around the world. Recent growth in oil and natural gas processing from U.S. shale gas has increased the export capacity investment in the Gulf Coast region. This has allowed the U.S. to become a net propane exporter to the global marketplace.
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